Spectacle Repairs

Replacement nose pads and screws only take a few minutes to

replace. Broken joints can be repaired by soldering or by the use

of pins. If the frame cannot be repaired we may be able to

transfer/cut the lenses into a different frame. All repairs are

done in our workshop.

If you are unsure if your frame can be fixed, email us a picture

and details of the repair required and and we will let you know if

it can be done and the cost by return.

Click here to whatsapp us with few images of the broken frame
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Replacement Screw

We have 100’s of different frame screws in stock

Nose Pads

Nose pads can be replaced quite easily by us (push-on & screw-on in stock).

Arm Tip

Cracks can form in the tips of metal frames, these can be replace to avoid irritation behind the ears.

Broken Hinge

A new joint can either be soldered (depending on metal type) or drilled on to the side by the use of two pins.

Rimless Frames

We can replace most parts - sides, bridges, nose pads, lens plugs.